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To support teaching and learning in the local school communities and develop local networks for professional development of educators.


Latest Courses

Concussion Education Workshop

in Cathedral Parish Centre, College St, Carlow, R93X037

at 7.00 pm on Wednesday 13th March 2019.

 To book a place: text name,& school to 087-2079448 

Concussion Concussion identification, Breakdown of signs & symptoms. Debunking myths and misconceptions

 Injury Management: Managing the immediate injury (step by step process), Concussion reporting

 Recovery & Rehabilitation: Post-injury medical pathway advice for parents, Safe return to sport and school. Managing the recovery period in the classroom

 Creating a Culture of Concussion Safety: Improving concussion reporting rates among students. Individual preparation steps and preparing collectively as a school


Newly Qualified Teachers

NQT Workshops

NQT courses in Carlow are administered by  Wexford Education Centre. 

Contact the Wexford centre at


or online at to register.


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